My First Big Event as an Idol and Maid Cafe Worker in Tokyo: A Day of New Experiences and Connections – Satouemika’s Diary

Today, I spent the morning working as an idol and part-time at a maid cafe, and in the afternoon I attended an event at one of the offices in Tokyo. That event was the first big event I had ever performed at. Many people came to the event and I was nervous, but I gave my performance my all.

After the event, there was a reception to get to know the participants better. There I was able to talk to and interact with many people. Among them, I enjoyed talking with one person because we shared a common interest.

On my way home, I rode the train with that person. He asked me questions, and because of my curious nature, I had a lot of answers, so he thought I was a very knowledgeable person. I learned many new things myself.

Today was my first big event and get-together, and it was a great day to meet so many people. I will always continue to learn new things and grow myself.

This is the diary of me, Satouemika, on May 24, 2023.


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