A Relaxing Day by the Sea: Nature, Work, and Traditional Cuisine in Sri Lanka

 May 26, 2023, was a truly wonderful day. I woke up early in the morning and stood on the balcony overlooking the sea at the hotel. There was a beautiful view and I could hear the quiet sound of the waves. The weather was also good, so the sea was very calm and the atmosphere was pleasant.

After that, I had breakfast with the hotel staff. We had delicious coffee and tea, as well as traditional bread called “roti” in Sinhala. Here, we talked about our daily lives, personal stories, and future dreams and goals.

Later in the morning, I worked with the hotel staff. We cleaned the hotel rooms, tended to the garden, and cleaned the pool. Working together, we were able to help and encourage each other, and strengthen our bonds.

In the afternoon, I went to the beach with my Sri Lankan friends. We swam in the sea, played Frisbee, and enjoyed playing beach volleyball. The sea was very clean and had a vivid blue color. We were impressed by the beauty of nature and felt very refreshed.

In the evening, we enjoyed a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant. We ordered some traditional Sri Lankan dishes, seafood, curry, and coconut milk. After enjoying the delicious food, we danced and listened to music together.

In this way, we spent a relaxing day watching the sea in the bay. By spending time with nature, working with friends and colleagues, enjoying traditional cuisine, and listening to music, we can become richer humans.


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