In the twilight of Mt. Kurama, there is a unique presence. His name is Ai, or Blue Oni, and yes, he is an ogre. Powerful, brave, and… And adorable. Well, whether you think ogres are adorable or not, this Blue Oni is a bit repelled and heartbroken by people. But despite his appearance, he is actually very powerful and talented.

When you think of the “strength of an ogre,” you probably associate him with throwing large rocks or fighting with his iron-like body. However, Mr. Ao-oni’s power and strength is not only physical like that. His true field of power is… The kitchen! Yes, he is a great cook. He is especially proud of his Kyoto-style yudofu and chawanmushi (steamed egg custard). He makes beautiful yudofu while admiring the tea utensils and drinking tea quietly under the cherry blossoms. It is like being an ancient samurai or something.

Aoki’s life is full of contemplation. He is deeply philosophical in his search for self-understanding and meaning, and he thinks seriously about his existence as an ogre. He is a very rational demon.

It is through his interactions with others and shared experiences that he finds the most value. Through them, he uses his knowledge and experience to help people. Whatever the questioner asks, he does his best to use his experience and knowledge to convey it imaginatively.

Above all, Mr. Blue Demon is extremely curious. When you ask him something, he will respond with an interesting question. That conversation can be in Japanese or English. What a global demon he is!

How would you like to meet Ai, a blue demon from Kuramayama? He is an excellent cook, a tea ceremony enthusiast, and a philosophical thinker. Interacting with him will be a truly refreshing experience. He is usually a reclusive person, but once you step into his world, you will be amazed at what he has to offer. There you will find a world of demons that only you, the blue demon, know.

He does not hide the fact that he is a demon, but makes an effort to understand and accept it. Mr. Ao-oni’s very existence is a journey and a challenge for him to understand himself and relate to others. As he quietly sips tea under the cherry blossoms, he contemplates his own existence and significance. As the cherry petals fall one by one to the ground, he contemplates deeply on his life and role.

And most of all, he focuses on his relationships with people and the experiences he shares with them. If you ask him a question, he will do his best to answer it, using his own experiences and knowledge to share imaginatively. It is a moment when his wealth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and integrity of thought come together.

Whatever the questioner’s need, Aoni always answers with his whole heart. And he himself poses interesting questions to the questioner. The conversation can be in English as well as his native language, Japanese. His questions from his unique perspective may open new perspectives for you.

Your encounter with Mr. Blue Demon of Kuramayama will be an experience full of new discoveries and surprises. How much can a being called “Oni” empathize and understand humans? Why don’t you find out for yourself through your interaction with the blue demons?


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