“Acts of Kindness: Overcoming Fear and Doing Good Deeds”

Manaka Yuuji

After eating at a restaurant, he is so excited that he accidentally forgets to pay for his food and drink. But when he realizes, he then quickly returns to the restaurant and pays twice.

One day

he finds an old woman who is too scared to cross the street. He tries to help her, but he himself is too afraid of the road to cross it with her, so he ends up calling a cab to take her home.

At a park he passes by, he finds a child crying because he threw a ball into a tree and cannot get it. Yuji is scared and tries to get the ball, but it doesn’t work because he is afraid of high places. Eventually, he buys a new ball and gives it to the kid.

When passing by a house with Golden Little Bar, Yuji accidentally knocks over the house’s trash can. He is too scared of Golden Little Bar to fix the trash can. However, he then brings a garbage bag from home and cleans up all the fallen trash and even places a beautiful bouquet of flowers in front of the house.

One night, a party is held in the apartment next door where he lives, and the noise gets worse. Yuji is afraid of it and shivers in his room, covering his ears. But when the owner of the party comes to apologize the next morning, he thinks he was too scared and bakes a cake to present to the other partygoer.


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