Walking from Asakusa to the Dunes: Exploring Tokyo’s Old Town and Beautiful Scenery

On May 23, I decided to walk from Asakusa to the dunes today. Departing early in the morning, we first pass Sensoji Temple and head for the Sumida River. Walking along the river, we enjoy the scenery of the downtown area, which is full of the atmosphere of Edo (old Tokyo). From time to time, cherry blossom trees come into view, reminding us of the coming of spring.

After crossing the Sumida River, we will head to Katsushika City’s late-night restaurant district. We had heard that this place serves delicious ramen, so we stopped by for an early lunch. Indeed, the thick soup and firm noodles were excellent.

With our stomachs full, we started walking again. This time, we headed north along the Arakawa River toward Saitama Prefecture. On the way, we passed through a vast park in Soka City, where we were soothed by the colorful flowers.

In the afternoon, we finally arrive at our destination, the dunes. The sandy beach stretches all around, making us feel as if we were at the beach. In the distance, there was an observatory overlooking the dunes, but I dared not go there and enjoyed the view as I leisurely walked along the beach.

In the evening, I headed home. I was tired, but today’s walk was very fulfilling. I headed home, hoping to make new discoveries and encounters again.


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